Seminar September 16, 2013 by Adam Mahdi

Monday September 16, 2013, 15:15, Auditorium 7, HC Ørsted Institutet.

Title: Toward an "optimal" model of a short-term blood pressure regulation
Adam Mahdi, NC State University, USA

ABSTRACT: The main role of the cardiovascular (CV) system is to maintain adequate oxygenation of all tissues. This is achieved by maintaining blood flow and pressure at a fairly constant level. An important contributor to the short-term CV control is the baroreflex, which uses specialized neurons, called baroreceptors, that are activated using mechanosensitive sensors located in the aortic arch and carotid sinuses. In this talk we will discuss various mathematical techniques and approaches to construct a computationally efficient model of baroreceptor activity. Moreover, we will also consider the problem of structural identifiability restricted to the important class of viscoelastic mechanical systems used in the CV modeling. In particular, we show how to use simple algebraic methods to design a structurally identifiable model. 

This work is a part of the bigger project called "The Virtual Physiological Rat 
Project" (, with objective to build and simulate the 
cardiovascular functions of the rat and build a validated computer models across rat 
strains. The ultimate goal of using mathematical and computer models is to predict 
the physiological characteristics of not yet realized combinations, derive those 
combinations in the lab, and then test the predictions.