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02 May 2016

Ditlevsen elected to the Academy of Science


Copenhagen University and the Department of Mathematical Sciences are well represented among the new members of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Professor Susanne Ditlevsen has been elected as member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences.

Susanne DitlevsenSusanne Ditlevsen is head of the section of statistics and probability theory at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. She is also project manager of "Dynamical Systems Interdisciplinary Network", in which researchers from three different faculties work together to create models that can be used on large data volumes. Susanne describes her own research as follows:

- I research in mathematical models of biological processes, especially models that take account of coincidences in the system and I develop statistical methods for these models. I work especially with models of how the brain processes sensory input.

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters was founded in 1742. It operates as a cooperative body and meeting place for prominent researchers from all areas of basic research. The Academy has approximately 250 Danish and 250 foreign members.

- I am looking forward to a closer contact with researchers from completely different areas of research. I believe an interdisciplinary contact can strengthen our research and understanding of science, says Susanne Ditlevsen.